Happy Anniversary, Ezria!


Happy Anniversary, Ezria!

Ezria :)


i’m sorry this is late! <3

Who corrects the other person’s grammar: They’re both English nuts, so not really either of them, but once in a while Ezra will correct Aria, just to tease her.
Who spends hours on YouTube: Neither, but Aria spends more time on the site.
Who never knows how much to tip: Ezra, so he’ll sheepishly ask her for help and roll his eyes when she teases him about it.
Who gets up early to let the dogs out: I can’t really see them having pets, but if they did have dogs, it would be Ezra, because Aria refuses to be up early unless she has to be. 
Who falls asleep on the couch during movie night: They both do, but Ezra does it more often. Aria will lay against his chest and listen to his heart beat, and will slowly be lulled to sleep. 
Who always brags about the other: Ezra constantly brags about Aria. She’ll act modest and grumpy when he does it, but she secretly loves it, and it just makes her love him more. 
Who can’t sleep without a goodnight kiss: Aria, especially after Ezra was shot. She likes making sure to end the night on a good note if they’re going to be sleeping in different houses, and if they’re sleeping together, she still needs it to know they have each other.
Who has a picture of the other as their phone background: They both do. Aria’s is one she took of him while sleeping, and Ezra has one of them together, from one of their first dates.
Who believed in Santa til they were eleven: Aria. Ezra didn’t really have the chance to enjoy his childhood. 
Who’s ringtone is What Makes You Beautiful: Aria, and Ezra hates it because every time it rings when they’re together, he can’t get the song out of his head afterwards.

Could you write one where all the couples after The whole A thing go on a date. Emison, Haleb, Spoby and Ezria and just loads of fluff and stuff from each couple and everyone awwing at each other.


I’m not that good in “fluffing stuff up” but I tried.

"Emily, you need to calm down. It’s just a normal date besides the fact that Ezra, Aria, Spencer, Toby, Caleb and Hanna are there too." Alison smiles at Emily while picking out clothes. Emily walks around nervously and is chewing on her nails. "I know but what if -A isn’t gone after all? What if he… she… bitch comes back out of nowhere? Then we are all at one place and one big target. Just like we were when Toby’s house blew up." The brunette sits down on the edge of Alison’s bed and sighs. "-A is gone and this time we are 100% sure about it. Relax Em, just stop thinking about -A for the rest of the evening." Ali says and walks over to Emily. Alison sits down besides Emily and takes both of her hands as she kisses Emily softly. "Everything will be fine but now I really need to pick out what I’m gonna wear because I doubt that any of them wanna see me in underwear" the blonde speaks. "I actually like that you are only wearing underwear right now." Emily smirks and pulls Ali closer and wants to kiss her but Ali pulls away and says "Em we are already kinda late and if we’d have a slip now we would miss our 'Yay! -A is finally gone so let's all go on a date' group date. 

Toby’s lips part from Spencer’s and he is looking at his watch. “Oh crap, Spence it’s almost 7 and we are both only wearing underpants…” Toby says and gets up from Spencer’s bed. Spencer sighs because she doesn’t wanna get out of bed now. “Spencer come on and get dressed” Toby stresses her but she refuses to get up. “Fine then I’ll tickle you out of bed.” Toby mutters and tickles Spencer. “Stop. Toby stop it!” Spencer laughs and rolls over. “I’ll stop if you get out of bed because we have to be at The Grille at 7 and it 6:50” Toby forces Spencer to get out of bed right now and pushes her into the bathroom. 

"Ezra stop eating pie! We are supposed to be at The Grille in 5 minutes and you’re supposed to eat there." Aria takes away Ezra’s plate and pulls the fork out of his mouth. "My Pie! Aria the pie at The Grille isn’t that good." Ezra reaches for his plate but Aria refuses to give it back to him. "Come on babe, please just get your keys and let’s go even though I’d love to stay here with you alone and check again if your scar is healed." Aria says while putting the pie into the fridge. Ezra smirks and grabs his keys. "You can check the "scar" when we get back" Aria get on her tiptoes to quickly kiss Ezra. "I can do that." Aria whispers. Ezra smiles and put his hand on Aria’s cheek. "But now we have to go." Aria grabs Ezra’s wrist and drags him out of the apartment.

As soon as Aria, Ezra, Spencer, Toby, Alison and Emily start walking in to The Grille everyone who is there is staring at them because the people of Rosewood found out about -A, Ali’s false kidnapping story and every there also know that they used to attract corpses like light attracts moths. Ali notices that everyone is staring at them and feels really weird, almost like their looks are crushing her. Two years ago she would have loved the attention but now she hates it, she feels uncomfortable. Emily looks at Ali and notices she’s uncomfortable so she takes her hand squeezes it gently. Ali faces Em and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"I feel like we’re at the zoo and we’re the main attractions." Spencer mutters with a little anger in her voice. "Calm down Spence. We’re here to have a good time and not to give a damn about these people." Toby comforts her by placing his hand on her back.

"We need a table for 8." Aria stops a waiter. "Sure. How about this one? He points to his right at the table right at the window. "It’s great thank you."  Aria walks towards the table and the other follow her. 

"Wait a second guys. Where are Hanna and Caleb?" Emily asks quiet concerned. "They are probably not yet done. If you know what I mean" Spencer points out and laughs. A waiter comes by and takes their orders.

15 minutes later Hanna and Caleb are still “missing”.

"That’s it I’m gonna go look for Hanna now." Emily stands up and walks out of the grille. Aria, Spencer and Ali follow her. Emily runs by Hanna’s and stops and walks back because she think that she saw something on Hanna’s backseat. "I think we found them…" Aria says with an awkward look on her face. "Yup we found them…" Spencer and Ali say synchronizing. Emily opens the door of the vehicle and pokes Hanna’s thigh because Hanna is too busy making out with Caleb to notice that her door is open. Hanna doesn’t notice Emily’s poke. "Hey Hanna!" Spencer yells and Hanna almost has a heart attack. Caleb hits his head on the other side of the car. "Are you crazy?!" Hanna yells and blushes. "We’re not crazy, we’re just waiting for you guys to finish and finally come in." Ali speaks. "We’ll be in there in 5." Caleb says. "No. You guys are coming with us now." Spencer pulls Hanna out of the car and Hanna pulls Caleb out. 

They walk back into the grille and enjoy their food. Times passes they have a lot of fun. When they were about to leave Alison starts to speak. “Girls and also you guys, I wanted to say thank you. Ezra, Toby and Caleb thank you for keeping Han, Aria and Spence save and doing everything for them. Girls thank you for not giving up on me in the end and trusting me again. I’m sorry I got you all int this mess and I know that this will always be a big part of and I’m honestly sorry.” Alison sounds sincere and honest.


Algumas coisas nunca mudam ♥ Ezria ♥


Algumas coisas nunca mudam ♥ Ezria ♥


And I would have done anything to get you to forgive me.


even tho this was a dream this scene gets me every time the way he hesitates to turn off the alarm because he wants to KEEP KISSING HER AND HE HAS A LITTLE MOMENT OF WITHDRAWAL EZRIA MY FLAWLESS OTP I JUST CANT


even tho this was a dream this scene gets me every time the way he hesitates to turn off the alarm because he wants to KEEP KISSING HER AND HE HAS A LITTLE MOMENT OF WITHDRAWAL EZRIA MY FLAWLESS OTP I JUST CANT


it’s these small moments that make me love ezria even more they are just too ADORABLE AND PERFECT


[1x05] Aria: What does it feels like, when we’re together?
           Ezra: Good, it feels right!
[5x06] Aria: Ezra, what happened the other night…
           Ezra: It felt right, didn’t it?
Lucian short story. 1


The whole Pretty Little Liars’ cast are sitting in the table read of the 100 episode.

 When they read the Ezria sex scene, everyone start laughing except Lucy and Ian who are blushing looking at each other.

"Lucy, get ready to be shirt AND bra less for this scene." the laughs are now louder and Ian and Lucy’s cheeks are redder.

It is going to be a interesting scene to shoot.